"Annual Kite and Color Festival"

June 11, 2016
Annual Kite and Color Festival



Oct 15, 2016


Welcome to FRIENDS of India Society
Finally, the good news is here!!
Friends, The electric company and local administration have granted us CONDITIONAL PERMISSION to hold 10th Annual Kite and Color Festival.
The ticketing is available at http://events.sulekha.com/10th-annual-kite-color-festival_event-in_buena-nj_307275
Please note that NO KITE FIGHTS & NO KITE CUTTINGS!!! We will enforce this very strictly. No one will be allowed to use any thread other than provided by us. We reserve rights to remove you from the event if you do not follow these rules.
Food catered by BAPS Mandir, Cherry Hill.
We have worked very hard to continue providing this event to our community and request all to understand the seriousness of this issue.Lot of hard work and resources have been used to finally get this permission and we totally depend on you to support us. If you will help us in following above mentioned rules, we will be able to continue to organize this event in future!!
Thank you all in advance!!
Let's spread the good news to our family and friends!!
Start booking tickets!! ONLY ONLINE BOOKING THIS YEAR!!
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