Our Activities
Our signature event " Annual Kite and Color Festival" is a joint celebration of famous Indian festivals, Makar Sankranti and Holi. Due to weather conditions in this part of the world, it is very difficult to celebrate these festivals during their actual timings. since the essence of these festivals is JOY and Spreading Love, we decided to celebrate these two festivals together in the better weather conditions and the idea was accepted very well by the community. In the short time, this event has become one of the largest events in the South Jersey region. Authentic handmade Indian kites and organic non toxic colors with lots of enthusiasm of the participants make this event unique for all ages. The event draws participants of all races, gender and ethnicity from several states of USA.
  • Bone Marrow Donors Registration Drive
    For past 4 years, in association with SAMAR, Inc, we are organizing Bone Marrow Donors Registration Drive during our Annual Kite and Color Festival.
    There are very few donors available where as demand is growing every year, specially in Asian races.
    If you have not registered yourself in past, please do it TODAY. You may save someone's life!!
  • Navaratri
    Our another annual event
    "NAVARATRI" is our another Annual event which is a night dedicated to the traditional dance and music of Gujrat, a state in India. Hundreds of participants of all ages dressed up in their traditional attire dance to the betas of traditional music for several hours in this very popular event of the region.
  • Project Book Bag
    An initiative by Friends of India Society in association with Samras Foundation, a NGO in Mumbai, India.
    Every year we distribute book bags to underprivileged students in Mumbai, India.
    More than 3600 underprivileged students are benefited in past 6 years with the help of generous donors like you.
    We are accepting donations for “Project Book Bag” today. Please contact Yogesh to learn more about it.
  • Sanskaar - keeping kids connected
    An initiative by Friends of India Society to instill rich Indian Sanskaars (The values) in the second generation of Indian Americans in the region.
    Introduction to diverse Indian cultural heritage.
    Greater emphasis on the importance of "SEWA" (Service) through various community service projects through out the year.
    Community Service Projects by Sanskaar
    Sanskaar has adopted PAGLIUGHI MEMORIAL Park in Vineland since year 2008.
    The first Sunday of the each quarter is assigned for the park clean up. All Sanskaar members and their families clean up the park on this day.
    Join us for this activity and appreciate our young volunteers for their efforts!!
  • Food Cans and Winter Coat Drive
    Since year 2008, Sanskaar members conduct door to door drive around Thanksgiving Day to collect Food cans and Winter coats for the underprivileged members of the community.
    We donate all collected items to local Salvation Army.
  • Sanskaar Youth Group
  • Our Sanskaar Youth Volunteers organized "Sanskaar Charity Tennis Tournament" in the summer 2014 to support Bhutanese American Organization - Philadelphia through Sewa International, USA which works for the Bhutanese refuges in the region. The entire fundraising and event was managed by our Youth Volunteers displaying their compassion to the less fortunate members of the community at large. We are proud to donate sum of $5000.00 to Sewa International, USA which was raised from this project.
    The youth group meets every first Friday of the month.
    The members of Sanskaar Youth group have participated in the Vineland Mayor's Youth Council sponsored "Season of Service" during the year 2011 and 2012. They volunteered more than 440 hrs collectively.
    Under "Meet The Professionals" program, the youth group is introduced to variety of successful professionals during their monthly meetings.
    This gives them insight of various professions and they can get answers for their queries pertaining to those professions.
    We sincerely thank Dr. Bhavna Patel , Coordinator of Sanskaar Youth Group for her leadership and dedication which has kept this project running.
    For more details about Sanskaar Youth Group, please contact her at sanskaar.bhavna@gmail.com
  • Promoting our Cultural Heritage
    Friends of India Society participates in various events in the region to promote our rich cultural heritage. The Founder's Day celebration of Vineland is one such major event. Our booth with Free Henna tattoos and Traditional Outfit try outs is a major success in this event.
    Millville Multicultural Week is another event where young performers of our community are presenting classical and folk dances of India for past 2 years.
    In the year 2013, we were invited to be part of the International Cultural Fair at Woodland Country Club School, Bridgeton.
    Friends of India Society was instrumental in organizing a year long "Festival of India" at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center in the year 2008.
    We successfully raised more than $5000 during a fund raising performance of talented artists of "Samarthanam", a NGO from Bangalore, India. They work with disabled members of the community.
  • Relay for Life
    Relay for Life
    Friends of India Society participated as " TEAM FOIS" for the first time in the year 2014 in the Relay for Life- Cumberland, NJ to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. In our maiden effort, our volunteers raised more than $8,000. As a token of their efforts , FOIS added $1000 making our total fundraising to $9,000. We plan to continue our participation in this noble effort to support ACS in the coming years also.
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