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The Annual Kite & Color Festival organized by the Friends of India Society has become a much-awaited event amongst enthusiasts for its vibrant celebration of Indian culture and traditions. The festival is a platform for individuals of different ethnicities and backgrounds to come together and embrace the colorful and joyous spirit of India. We are the pioneers of this unique festival in USA and are proud that it has been copied by several community organizations.

The Friends of India Society has been organizing this event annually, and it attracts a large number of participants and spectators. The festival showcases the art of kite-flying, which has been an integral part of Indian culture for many centuries. The sight of multicolored kites dotting the sky, accompanied by the sound of the whistling wind and the cheers of onlookers adds to the excitement and enthusiasm of the event.

Apart from kite-flying, the festival also celebrates the traditional Indian festival of Holi, which is known as the "Festival of Colors." During Holi, people come together to smear each other with brightly colored powder, celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and the arrival of spring. The festival offers participants an opportunity to experience the joy and vibrancy of Indian culture, and the sense of camaraderie and togetherness that it promotes.

The Annual Kite & Color Festival has become an event that truly reflects the spirit of multiculturalism and community involvement. It provides a platform for people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate a shared love of culture and traditions. The Friends of India Society has demonstrated through this event that they are committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding, and this festival has become one of the most anticipated events in the calendar of many communities in the region.

In spite of rising costs, The Friends of India Society manage to offer participants event t-shirt, kites, colors, water blasters, lunch, drinking water, tea and light dinner with the help of unconditional support of patrons and sponsors. Many of them are supporting this festival from its inception.

In conclusion, the Annual Kite & Color Festival by Friends of India Society is an event that has become a beacon of multiculturalism and community spirit, celebrated by people from various cultural backgrounds. The festival is an opportunity to experience the joy, vibrancy, and diversity of Indian culture, and it has become an event that offers something for everyone.

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